English Communication Question Paper 2021 [Gauhati University BCOM 1st Sem CBCS Pattern]

English Communication Question Paper 2021 (Held in 2022)

Gauhati University BCOM 1st Sem CBCS Pattern

Paper: ENG-AE-2014

(Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course)

Full Marks: 80

Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

In this post you will get English Communication Question Paper 2021 for Gauhati University B.Com 1st Sem CBCS Pattern.

english communication question paper 2021

1. Read the text given in the Annexure that deals with the following topics. Against each topic, write the number of the paragraph that deals with the topic:        1 x 5=5

(a) One special day for children.

(b) Child rights.

(c) Your childhood experience.

(d) What we can do for children.

(e) Difficulties faced by children.

2. Find the words in the text (given in the Annexure) that match with the meanings given below:       1 x 5=5

(a) Persons chosen to speak or vote for some others.

(b) Extremely good.

(c) Existing everywhere or involving everyone.

(d) Having the right to benefits or privileges.

(e) In a way that increases or decreases in size, amount or degree according to changes in something else.

3. Read the text given in the Annexure carefully and answer the following questions in your own words:       2 x 5=10

(a) Write down the main idea of the whole text by using one sentence.

(b) Write an expanded definition of the term ‘non-discrimination’.

(c) What is the significance of ‘Universal Children’s Day according to the text?

(d) Briefly state the process of the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

(e) What are the author’s suggestions regarding what you can do to support children?

4. Answer as per the instructions (any four):       5 x 4=20

(a) Rewrite the text after completing the dialogues with the correct forms of the verbs:

Yesterday I (visit) a library to find some books. When I (search) for the books in the library, a fellow visitor (ask) me, “Do you know where I can find English novels?” I replied, “If you (look) for romantic novels, they are just behind that shelf.” The visitor (thank) me with a smile.

(b) Use your own ideas to complete the following sentences:         1 x 5=5

(1) If we study regularly, we _______.

(2) I’d like to suggest that _______.

(3) She treated me as if _______.

(4) I wish I _______.

(5) It’s time you _______.

(c) Change the following sentences into the passive form:       1 x 5=5

(1) The pandemic has affected everyone’s life.

(2) The world has been fighting the pandemic really well.

(3) An Indian company had manufactured a COVID-19 vaccine.

(4) The government has encouraged all to get vaccinated without any hesitation.

(5) All the vaccines developed till now boost our immunity against the virus.

(d) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of each adjective given in brackets:         1 x 5=5

(1) My best friend is a _______ speaker. (brilliant)

(2) Her vocabulary stock is _______ than most of us. (rich)

(3) She has the _______ collection of books in her library. (valuable)

(4) I have friends who are _______ than her. (pretty)

(5) But she is the _______ company for me. (enjoyable)

(e) Choose the appropriate linking expressions from the following list to complete the paragraph (use capitalization wherever necessary):           1 x 5=5

However, one is, thus, periodically, for example.

Among many other functions of media, (1) _______ providing important community information in the form of warnings. (2) _______, the media can warn of the danger of an approaching hurricane or tornado. These warnings provided up-to-the-minute information on the location of the bad weather and alert people to take the necessary precautions.

Warnings may also be given for other hazards such as air or water pollution. (3) _______, the media raises questions about water quality suggesting that the water we drink is not safe. How much these water scares are motivated by commercial interests is unknown. (4) _______, bottled water is a 2-billion dollar business and growing. (5) _______, the media plays an important role by making us better-informed and by influencing the way we understand some events.

5. Answer the following questions (any four):    10 x 4=40

(a) Write a one-paragraph summary of the text given in the Annexure.

(b) To what extent can celebrating the children’s day on a specific date improve a child’s life in reality? Discuss this with the help of information from the text and your own experience of your surroundings.

(c) Write a listing paragraph on challenges that underprivileged children might face.

(d) Write a paragraph describing the difference between the life of a privileged child and that of an unprivileged one.

(e) Study the following graph and write five sentences to describe the information:

Untitled 1 1

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