Human Resource Management Question Paper 2022 [Gauhati University BCOM 4th Sem Question Paper]

Human Resource Management Question Paper 2022

Gauhati University BCOM 4th Sem Question Paper

COMMERCE (Honours)

Paper: COM-HC-4036 (Human Resource Management)

Full Marks: 80

Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

Answer either in English or in Assamese.

In this post you will get Human Resource Management Question Paper 2022 of Gauhati University BCOM 4th Sem CBCS Pattern.

human resource management question paper 2022

1. Answer as directed: (any ten)             1 x 10=10

(a) Human Resource Management is very useful in creating work culture in an organisation. (State whether True or False)

(b) The process of human resource planning should begin at the top level. (State whether True or False)

(c) Human beings are the key and most important investment and assets in modern organisation. (State whether True or False)

(d) The common belief now-a-days is that managers are borne, not made. (State whether True or False)

(e) All the employees require constant _______ to cope with the need of the job. (Fill in the blank)

(f) Job evaluation is the technique of _______ the job and not the man. (Fill in the blank)

(g) The selection procedure ends with the _______ of a worker on the job. (Fill in the blank)

(h) Counselling is the discussion of an _______ problem with an employee. (Fill in the blank)

(i) When the employee feels that an injustice has been done, it becomes a

(1) complaint.

(2) dissatisfaction.

(3) grievance.

(4) punishment. (Choose the correct answer)

(j) The basic objective of industrial health is

(1) prevention of disease and injury.

(2) medical reimbursement.

(3) cure of the diseases.

(4) All of the above. (Choose the correct answer)

(k) A large part of compensation that people receive from work is

(1) non-monetary.

(2) monetary.

(3) fringe benefits.

(4) None of the above. (Choose the correct answer)

(l) The basic job of every executive is

(1) planning.

(2) organising.

(3) decision-making.

(4) coordinating. (Choose the correct answer)

(m) The success of an organisation depends upon the quality of selected

(1) Machines.

(2) Tools.

(3) Market.

(4) Personnel. (Choose the correct answer)

(n) In which year National Institute of Labour Management was established?

(1) 1950.

(2) 1965.

(3) 1947.

(4) 1975. (Choose the correct answer)

(o) Social security is concerned with the well-being of

(1) the consumer.

(2) the people.

(3) the government.

(4) the children. (Choose the correct answer)

2. Write very short answer: (any five)        2 x 5=10

(a) What is human resource management?

(b) What is meant by outsourcing?

(c) What do you mean by career development?

(d) What is 360 degree performance appraisal?

(e) Mention two elements of compensation.

(f) What is fringe benefit?

(g) Mention two merits of directive counselling.

(h) Mention two significance of labour welfare to the society.

3. Answer the following: (any four)          5 x 4=20

(a) Explain the recent changes which are taking place in the field of human resource management.

(b) What are various factors responsible for the need of human resource information system? Explain.

(c) Discuss about various objectives of human resource planning.

(d) What are the limitations of interview in selection process? Explain.

(e) Discuss about the importance and needs of executive development in human resource management.

(f) What are the essentials of social promotion policy? Explain.

(g) Discuss about various external factors influencing employee remuneration policy.

(h) Briefly discuss the welfare facilities for workers under the Factories Act, 1948.

4. Answer the following questions: (any four)     10 x 4=40

(a) Discuss various managerial and operative functions of human resource management.

(b) What is job analysis? Describe various techniques used for analysing that jobs.       2+8=10

(c) Discuss various external and internal sources of recruitment.

(d) Discuss about various traditional and modern methods of training for employees in an organisation.

(e) What is performance appraisal? Explain the importance of performance appraisal in human resource management.        2+8=10

(f) What is meant by transfer? What are its various kinds? Bring out clearly the features of a sound transfer policy 2+4+4=10

(g) What is voluntary retirement scheme? Discuss about various issues involved in VRS for its effectiveness.   2+8=10

(h) Examine various legal provisions regarding safety of workers.

(i) What is an industrial dispute? Discuss about various provisions of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 for settlement of industrial disputes.          2+8=10

(j) What are the basic qualities required for a human resource manager. Discuss about his role in modern organisation.       5+5=10

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