Indian Economy Question Paper 2022 [Gauhati University BCOM 4th Sem Question Paper]

Indian Economy Question Paper 2022

Gauhati University BCOM 4th Sem Question Paper


Paper: COM-HG-4016 (Indian Economy)

Full Marks: 80

Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

In this post you will get Indian Economy Question Paper 2022 of Gauhati University BCOM 4th Sem CBCS Pattern.

indian economy question paper 2022

1. Answer any ten of the following:         1 x 10=10

(a) Define per-capital income.

(b) In which year the first ‘Human Development Report’ was published?

(c) What is ‘Hindu rate of Growth’?

(d) Mention any two cash crops grown in India.

(e) What is sex-ratio?

(f) Define fiscal deficit.

(g) What is decentralised planning?

(h) In which type of unemployment marginal productivity of the labour is zero?

(i) In which year National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) was launched?

(j) Define budget.

(k) What is the ‘inflation target’ set by the Government of India for the period of 2021-2026?

(l) Who is called the father of ‘Green Revolution’ in India?

(m) As per 2011 Census of India which state has the highest literacy rate?

(n) Who is the chairperson of NITI Aayog?

(o) State the main objective of north Easter Council (NEC).

2. Answer any five of the following: (within 30 words)          2 x 5=10

(a) What is sustainable development?

(b) Mention two important reasons for the decline of handicraft industry in India during the British period.

(c) Briefly explain the concept of balance of payments (BOP).

(d) Mention the main objectives of economic planning.

(e) What is privatisation?

(f) Distinguish between relative poverty and absolute poverty.

(g) What is cyclical unemployment?

(h) What are the three pillars of ‘Act East Policy’?

3. Answer any four of the following: (within 250 words)          5 x 4=20

(a) Explain five common features of the underdeveloped countries.

(b) Write a short note on the sectoral composition of national income in India in recent times.

(c) Discuss the role of FDI in economic growth of India.

(d) Explain three achievements and two failures of economic planning in India.

(e) Explain the concept of multi-dimensional poverty index (MPI).

(f) Examine the relation between economic growth and reduction in poverty.

(g) Discuss the difference between import-substitution and export promotion.

(h) What is food security? How is it implemented by the Govt. under the National Food Security Act, 2013?

4. Answer any four of the following: (within 650 words)           10 x 4=40

(a) What is human development? Why is human development necessary for a country for its overall development? Explain the components of human development.            1+5+4=10

(b) Discuss the status of agricultural and industry at the time of independence in India.          5+5=10

(c) What is service sector? Discuss the contribution of service sector towards India’s GDP. Highlight the reasons for the dominance of service sector in India economy since 1991.

(d) What are the reasons for failure of several public sector enterprises in India? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of privatisation.              5+5=10

(e) Explain the objectives of monetary policy of India. Explain briefly various tools of monetary policy to achieve price stability in India.               5+5=10

(f) What is globalisation? Critically examine the impact of globalisation on Indian economy with reference to industry and trade.        2+8=10

(g) Explain the recent measures taken by Govt. of India for poverty eradication and employment generation. 5+5=10

(h) Examine the achievement and failures of green revolution. Is green revolution technology viable in the long run?        7+3=10

(i) Explain briefly the causes of low rate of industrialisation in the North-Eastern region. Suggest few measures for speeding up the pace of industrialisation in this region.         6+4=10

(f) Explain the impact of Covid-19 on Indian economy. State few initiatives undertaken by Govt. of India for recovery of the economy in recent times.        7+3=10

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