International Business Question Paper 2022 [Gauhati University BCOM 6th Sem CBCS Pattern]

International Business Question Paper 2022

Gauhati University BCOM 6th Sem CBCS Pattern

COMMERCE (Honours)

Paper: COM-HE-6046 (International Business)

Full Marks: 80

Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

Answer either in English or in Assamese.

In this post you will get International Business Question Paper 2022 for Gauhati University B.Com 6th Sem CBCS Pattern.

international business question paper 2022

1. Answer any ten questions from the following:              1 x 10=10

(1) Which of the following is a feature of international business?

(a) Use of common currency.

(b) Involvement of at least two countries.

(c) Integration of economies.

(d) All of the above.

(2) “Socio-economic background of the people influences the international business.” State whether True or False.

(3) Importing of goods and services for re-export to another country is called

(a) Export trade.

(b) Import trade.

(c) Entrepot trade.

(4) Who developed the comparative advantage theory of international trade?

(5) Which of the following is not a tariff tool of international trade?

(a) Export duty.

(b) Import quota.

(c) Import duty.

(6) In which year the World Trade Organisation was established?

(7) Write the full form of ASEAN.

(8) The number of members of the World Bank at present is

(a) 189.

(b) 170.

(c) 130.

(9) Write the full form of TRIPS.

(10) Which of the following institutions is not a member of the World Bank group?

(a) International Development Association.

(b) International Finance Corporation.

(c) Asian Development Bank.

(d) None of the above.

(11) The number of parties involved in corporate guarantee is 2/3/4. (Choose the correct answer)

(12) In which year the EXIM Bank was established?

(13) The Foreign Exchange Management Act was passed in the year

(a) 1990.

(b) 1999.

(c) 2009

(14) Define multinational company.

(15) Give the meaning of IT outsourcing.

2. Answer any five questions of the following in about 50 words:            2 x 5=10

(1) What is portfolio investment?

(2) Define global business environment.

(3) Define ad valorem tax.

(4) What is anti-dumping duty?

(5) Write two objectives of International Monetary Fund.

(6) What is Greenfield investment?

(7) Mention the participants in foreign exchange market.

(8) Write the benefits of economic grouping.

3. Answer any four questions from the following in about 150 words:        5 x 4=20

(1) Explain the importance of economic globalization in international business.

(2) Differentiate between domestic business and international business.

(3) Explain different types of import quotas used by countries to restrict imports.

(4) Write the meaning and objectives of commercial policy.

(5) Write the functions performed by UNCTAD.

(6) Explain the meaning and types of letters of credit.          2+3=5

(7) Define special economic zones and write its features.       2+3=5

(8) State the main functions of World Bank.

4. Answer any four questions from the following in about 600 words:       10 x 4=40

(1) Explain the business environments that influence the international business.

(2) Explain the product life cycle theory of international trade.

(3) Discuss the determinants of national competitive advantage.

(4) What are the objectives of GATT? State the important proposals include in Uruguay round of GATT.    3+7=10

(5) Write a brief note on major regional trading groups.

(6) Write the important steps undertaken by the Govt. of India in order to give boost to flow of foreign direct investment in the country.        10

(7) Discuss various sources of financing of international trade.

(8) Define balance of payments. Explain various components of Balance of Payments Account.       2+8=10

(9) What are the objectives of forming of SAARC? Explain the significance of SAARC for India.       4+6=10

(10) Discuss various export promotion measures of Govt. of India.

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